Thanks to all Blizzplanet visitors for their continuous support taking the challenge to spread the word in order to reach 1 million Likes on the Official Diablo Facebook page.

Blizzard Entertainment provided Blizzplanet two new images in High Resolution. To view the Hi Res images copy the links and paste them on a new window, or right-click the View Hi Res link and select “Open in New Tab” from the popup menu. The gallery script interferes otherwise showing a lower resolution.

The first one is a Diablo III concept art of the Tristram Cathedral.

(VIEW HI RES 1024 x 578)

The second image is a gameplay screenshot showing the Witch Doctor’s poison dart ability in a torture room.

(VIEW HI RES 2560 x 1600)

Something that caught my attention in this screenshot is the big object on the Witch Doctor’s back. It looks like a shield. Pardon my ignorance, but this is the first time I ever remember seeing the Witch Doctor using a shield — at least in a gameplay screenshot. I have seen the Witch Doctor holding a shield in a concept art however.

As a thanks for all of you who keep spreading the word to increase the Diablo Facebook Likes, I am giving away a Diablo III T-shirt. Post a comment below about these two images. I will randomly select a member and contact him to ship a Diablo III T-shirt. Click image below if you wish to purchase instead.