Diablo III fans will work hard to unlock the first content of the “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise” challenge. As a token of appreciation, participants can get up to five in-game rewards.

Blizzard posted a Demon Hunter video packed with action as an incentive. Heed the call, and begin to sharpen your weapons for May 15th.

Blizzplanet stepped forward to line up behind the lines of the “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise” batallion. (Left: Eldorian, Right: Medievaldragon)


      As we count the days to the worldwide release of Diablo III on May 15, we will be revealing never-before-seen information about the heroes of Sanctuary on our Diablo III launch site. In our unique look at the first of our five heroes, the demon hunter, you’ll learn more about these vengeful harbingers of righteous doom.

      Neophyte hunters are trained merely by surviving in the demon-infested wastes of the Dreadlands. Practiced in the subtle arts of knife and crossbow, the demon hunter learns how to dodge monstrous blows with acrobatic skilland return them with sharp-bladed fury. These delicate weapons require masterful finesse, but they allow demon hunters to bring death to their targets with surgical precision.

      Venture on to the Gathering of Heroes page on our Diablo III launch site to read demon hunter lore, watch a new class video, learn about their skills, resources, armor, and weapons, and read an exclusive short story titled “Hatred and Discipline.”