Yesterday, Wednesday, September 11th, Blizzard Entertainment Latin America held a special Diablo III (PS3) Launch Event in Mexico City, and of course, BlizzPlanet Latino ( was there. This article was written originally in spanish and it can be read here — in our es.Blizzplanet Latin America site.

MBA1The event was held at the Britain-American Museum in Mexico City, formerly known as the Christ Church built in a neo-gothic english style on 1895. No better place to hold this Diablo event than this museum. For moments it was as if we were inside the Tristram Cathedral and it was unavoidable to imagine a “comet” was falling from the sky toward us.

The attendance was punctual, and after entering the building you could see the effort and enthusiasm placed by Blizzard organizers with all the Diablo III-themed decorations, banners and other stuff.

There were PlayStation 3 console demo-stations where fans could play hands-on to kill demons shoulder to shoulder with fellow Nephalem brothers. In the former church’s altar were the Blizzard Entertainment Latin America staff, the DJ, and some personalities of the Latin America community fansites, the guests of honor, and the stage. Lastly, but not less important, in the central area of the museum were the respectable attendees.

Captura_Diablo_3[1]During the opening of the event the organizers played promotional videos of Diablo III on consoles and later we saw the introduction of Jonny Ebbert (Senior Level Designer of Diablo III) who from the altar welcomed us to the event and talked about the great effort of adapting the video game to consoles, the differences between the experience playing the game on PC and on console; and how his travel throughout the many villages and colonial cities of Mexico somehow he considered Mexico as an analogy of a real life version of our beloved Tristram.

Later, Ebbert surprised us with a message on video from Josh Mosqueira (Diablo III Director) who spoke in spanish. As seen below.

CosplayAfter all the frivolities of the night … to begin with I have never been in an event where so many giveaways were given to attendees. From stickers to copies of Diablo III (PS3) and even consoles. There were some contests such as the classic cosplay (but only two people showed up disguised), the art contest, the Trivia contest to show off your knowledge of the Diablo universe, and the one to my taste the most fun of the evening, the voice imitation contest.

We had the opportunity also, of spending some time with Blizzard personalities such as Luumht (one of the Latin America community managers). I have so much to thank him for the time he spent with us talking about Diablo III. I also shared some time with other community fansite members such as “the boss of bosses” SonderX the Diablo III latino streamer (who can be found at, Alberto Martinez (important personality of the same podcast), and Carla Relloso known as Gamer WoW Girl ( who I am also thankful for her disposition and the gifts she provided to me.

In conclusion, a perfect event, a great choice of location for this event, and the awesome ambience, truly all to the high-standards of a Blizzard Entertainment event. We hope to meet again in future events, or dreadfully, to coin Josh Mosqueira in his video message, meet again in hell.