The BlizzConline 2021 schedule is now available and from the Blizzard Channel we can see that Diablo is intended to be the main dish of the event.

For Friday, the Blizzard Channel focuses mainly on one World of Warcraft panel, one Overwatch 2 panel and two Diablo panels.

The Diablo Channel has 4 panels. These aren’t identified by game title so I’ll have to speculate here: Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal.

From the most recent Diablo 4 Developer Update we know that a new Class reveal was hinted.

There is a very slight possibility that if Diablo Immortal isn’t featured in that third BlizzCon panel (same as it wasn’t featured in 2019), that this slot might be reserved for a new Diablo announcement: the rumored D2R by Vicarious Visions. But at this point, doubtful, considering how well received Diablo Immortal technical alpha was.

The expectation is that we might get to hear more about the two remaining Diablo Immortal classes: Crusader and Necromancer; details about the level 45-60 end-game; and hopefully more about PvP and Raids. This is, of course, speculation.

The Saturday schedule only has a Diablo Q&A panel, and two artist panels.

Outside of these, there isn’t any signs that a panel is reserved to announce D2R or any of the mobile games based on Warcraft, StarCraft and Overwatch IPs. We’ll have to wait and see what Blizzard might have up their sleeves during the Opening Ceremonies.

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