Fan #29: Hey there, guys! It’s me, Leah! (It’s Leo! He’s back!) So, can I ask you a question? Hi, I know, you can’t get rid of me! Haaaa! So, first of, in Act one, I say I don’t really know anything about demons, but in The Order I get that explains it, but not to talk about skeletons. Where’s the logical leap there between me not believing in one and the other? My second question is how do I go to the bathroom in this, cause this is bundled up tight?


Kindreagan: Well, I will take the first part of that and then try to make someone else takes the part two. For the first part, I think to us because we live in a world — at least, I live in a world where I don’t run into angels and demons and skeletons all the time. To me they are all one big thing, right? And I think, well sure if I believe in walking skeletons, of course I would believe in demons. But there’s actually no logical leap there. Because if you lived in a world where you did encounter a walking skeleton, say you lived in a town that was being assaulted by the walking dead, you would accept that as a normal part of the world. But if you’d never seen a demon before, then that would be just crazy talk. You can actually believe in the things that you see all the time and still not believe in something you haven’t encountered.

Boyarski: I would actually interpret it slightly differently. I think that the bigger issue is that she didn’t believe in this overarching angels vs. demons thing. She knows that studying with uncle Deckard about the Vizjerei and how they summoned demons or whatever these things are, her and a lot of other people just believe it’s a chaotic universe. They don’t believe there’s any rhyme or reason to it. So it’s more about her not believing what the demons are as opposed to her not believing in their physicality or that they exist, if that makes sense.

Kindreagan: I was really hoping he was gonna jump in to answer part two.

Boyarski: I was leaving that for Michael.


Chu: I guess I’ll say very carefully, would be my answer as to how you go to the bathroom in that. Probably and preferably not there.

Watrous: The answer is somewhere in the Book of Cain.


Fan #30: So, I don’t know if I missed it somewhere, but at the end of Diablo II, the player destroys the soulstones in hell and prevent them from ever coming back. And obviously they always come back, for you would’ve run out of games. How do they come back?


Kindreagan: Very good! Justin, do you want to or if you want me to toss this the other way let me know?

Parker: I can start with when they destroy the worldstone, it wasn’t that they would never come back. It was that Baal had somehow corrupted the worldstone …

Kindreagan: Oh no, I think she’s asking about when the player destroys the soulstones on the Hell Forge.

Parker: That all actually goes back to … I want to call her Magda and that’s really bad of me. Ah, Adria who has spent twenty years setting that up. It’s real evil never dies.

Kindreagan: Leonard, did you want …?

Boyarski: The belief was … I mean, no one really knows what the abyss is and the belief was that once you banish something to the abyss it can never come back. So, as I envisioned Adria over the past twenty years, you know she takes care of marking the souls of the demons that the hero killed on Sanctuary and that there were relatively easy. Let’s say she takes a year or two to do that and then she goes on this worldwide hunt for the knowledge and the technics and just basically spends twenty, eighteen, nineteen years figuring out a way how to do this that no one has ever known before or attempted. So, she basically does the research and figures out a way to actually make this occur.

Kindreagan: And, we have time for one more question.


Fan #31: In the intro to Heroes of the Storm today we see Tyrael paired up with Kerrigan. If Tyrael can’t handle Malthael, could he handle Kerrigan?


Kindreagan: Well, Heroes of the Storm is a game that sort of exists in a parallel universe and I think it’s gonna have its own logic and its own set of rules. But the things that happen there are not gonna be canon in their respective universes. So, in the Diablo Universe, Tyrael would never fight against Kerrigan.

Chu: I think Brian is torn with his loyalties right now, so I’ll go ahead and say that I think Tyrael can take Kerrigan.

Kindreagan: I really am torn. (long silence) Ok, that was pretty quick, actually. We have time for one more, if there’s one … Alright. Run to the microphone if you have a question.

Boyarski: Emergency question, go on. OK.


Fan #32: So, I saw on a Youtube video that there is maybe a link between Adria and Belial. Is there any kind of truth to that?


Kindreagan: Adria and Belial? I haven’t heard that one. I think that maybe because there is a link between Adria and Magda. Is that?

Fan #32: … Saying that Belial is Adria and that the Lord of Lies cannot be defeated so easily, so he’s waiting for Azmodan to be defeated …

Kindreagan: Oh, that’s an interesting theory! But, I hate to be too definitive, but no. You defeated Belial for sure at Diablo III. All right. Unfortunately, we are out of time. So, thank you all very much for coming. Those were great questions and enjoy BlizzCon. Thank you.