Mosqueira: Thanks Steve. Alright, BlizzCon. What do you think of those legendaries?

(crowd applauds)

Awesome, what about The Crusader? And the “piranhas?” Pretty awesome, right? So, again really happy to be here. As you can see, we put a lot of blood, sweat, and tear and our passion into “Reaper of Souls”.


I mean, a new class of fantastic, a new Act, the adventure mode , Loot 2.0. We really feel that we are on the eve of a new era of “Diablo” and we really thank you guys for playing our game. Being here and I think we may have a few more minutes for some questions.

[Crowd applauds]


Fan # 1: Hey, guys. Again thanks for all the awesome work. My question is around the stats, and basically, how large the numbers are getting? I coin the World of Warcraft inflation. Are you guys concerned about that at all? Are we hitting things for like two billions crits — if the numbers are just gonna get too large at some point?


Cheng: It’s a tricky balance. I mean, obviously with the large numbers it is kinda also be hard to processs. I am not worried about it yet. It’s a concern we might have maybe in like eight or nine years.

(crowd applauds]

Linn: I love big numbers, I just wanna say I love big numbers.

Fan #2: Hey, first I wanted to thank you guys, because me and I know a lot of other people here played a ton of Diablo II, and we are really excited for Diablo III; and there was a lot of very very harsh criticism that was leveled against Diablo III. And all of the work that I see that you guys are doing into address that criticism and make it better is fantastic. So, thank you guys for that. Thank you.

[crowd laughs and claps]

My question has to deal with a question that I asked actually a couple of years ago at BlizzCon. I asked about Arcane Sanctuary. It was my favorite level from Diablo II and the artstyle in particular was completely different from a lot of things that were in Diablo II, and when I saw your panel yesterday on some of the things you are doing with Reaper of Souls — in particular that one set of concepts art that had big blocky figures — it was like a space theme, and it had a bunch of stars. I was like that’s what I wanted two years ago, and you guys were kinda like: “nah, it’s not really fitting with what we were doing right now.” And now that I have seen that concept art, I want that! Ahh, I want that! And I don’t know what kind of stage, you guys are on the development at this point. But could… give me a little love. Arcane Santuary. You build it for me.


Martens: So, we are not just flat out going to the Arcane Sanctuary, so I tell you that right now. There’s the bad news. The good news is we do like that level too; and Pandemonium Fortress specifically has a bunch of Arcane Santuary-inspired aspects to it.

So we showed just the tiny glimpse of it in the video yesterday, which I am sure you can review again on Youtube, but when you actually see the fortress level — there is bunch of stuff there. Let us know how you think we did once you get to play it.

Fan #2: Perfect! Thanks.

Fan #3: How you doing? One of the coolest things in Diablo II is when you had every set item your appearance was changed for some of those sets. Any plans in Diablo III if you get every set item to give some kind of aura or an appearance change, so you know and everybody knows, you have every set item?


Day: Right, right. We haven’t talked about anything like that [yet]. This is not a terrible idea, though. It could happen. No promises, but we are really putting a lot of our focus right now on to trying to get the set items to just feel like that they are worth the effort they took to get.

So we are trying to make the bonuses as crazy as possible. Without breaking the game completely. One of our hundred mantras is being “game changing, not game breaking” with our items.

It is totally possible that we could add visual components to some of the set bonus powers. I don’t know that we’d necessarily want to take that, and apply it to everything in the game; but it is not totally impossible.

Fan # 3: I mean if you have every item in that set, not necessarily a visual for just a single item.

Shimizu: Yeah, I think, as we were saying before — our large part of item development budget is going towards creation of those powers, right , and everything is a trade off in the development. Honestly, I understand the coolness of that, and still understand how rare it is, and that’s why its cool; but on the other hand, if I had a technical artist assigned time to do that sort of thing, I probably wanna add another power to another legendary somewhere, and a lot of people, I think will like that too.

So it’s a bit of a trade off. It’s not something that we are saying, closing the door on or anything; but it’s something that we all have to look it from a resource point of view.

Mosqueira: Alright guys, I think , we are out of time. But the good news is that we have a full hour for Q&A later on today. So, thank you for coming and see you guys in Sanctuary. Thank you. Thank you.