Diablo III Patch 2.6.0 Deployed

Blizzard Entertainment deployed Diablo III Patch 2.6.0 with free content (even if you don’t buy the Rise of the Necromancer pack). The content includes new creatures, Challenge Rifts, Shrouded Moors (Act II), the Temple of the Firstborn, and the Realms of Fate (Act IV).

Diablo III Patch 2.6.0


Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Beta Patch 2.6.0 (45897)

Blizzard Entertainment deployed a new patch today making changes to the Necromancer Set Bonuses, Abilities and Runes, and addressing a few bugs.

Necromancer Beta Patch 2.6.0 (45897)


Bone Spear (Base Rune): Summon a piercing bone projectile that causes 450% 500% weapon damage to all enemies it passes through.

Bone Spear (Blood Spear Rune): Bone Spear turns into Blood Spear. Damage is increased to 518% 650% weapon damage at the cost of 10% health.

Bone Spirit (Possession Rune): Bone Spirit will now charm the target for 10 sec at the cost of 10% 5% health.

Command Golem (Ice Golem Rune): Command the Golem to the targeted location where it freezes enemies for 3 sec and increases their chance to be critically struck by 10% for 10 sec. Command the Golem to launch an icy blast at the target location, freezing enemies for 3 sec and increasing their chance to be critically struck by 10% for 10 sec. The cooldown has been reduced from 60 to 45 sec.

Corpse Explosion (Final Embrace Rune): Corpses pull themselves towards the nearest enemy before exploding, but Corpse Explosion now costs 3% 2% life per corpse.

Corpse Lance (Blood Lance Rune): Spend 5% 2% of your total health to launch an additional lance from yourself towards the target that deals 250% weapon damage.

Decrepify (Base Rune): A crippling curse that reduces the enemy units' movement speed by 75% and reduces damage done by 20% 30% for 30 sec.

Decrepify (Wither Rune): Damage reduction increased to 30% 40%, but no longer reduces movement speed.

Leech (Base Rune): Curse the target area. Cursed enemies have a chance to heal the attacker when they are struck for 1% 2% of their total health. Lasts 30 sec.

Leech (Cursed Ground Rune): Now curses the ground, healing you for 0.5% 1% of your max life every sec for each enemy in the cursed area.

Simulacrum: The health cost per use has been reduced from 50% to 25%.



Rigor Mortis: Blight abilities also slow enemies by 30% and reduce their attack speed by 15% 30% for 5 sec.



Fixed an issue which prevented Bone Spirit from properly detonating when cast directly in melee range of a target enemy.


(2) Set Bonus: Your pets have a chance to reduce the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 1 sec each time they deal damage.

(4) Set Bonus - You gain 1% damage reduction for 5 15 sec each time your pets deal damage. Max 50 stacks.

(6) Set Bonus - Each active Skeleton Mage increases the damage of your minions and Army of the Dead by 200% 250%.



(2) Set Bonus - Blood Rush gains the effect of every rune.

(4) Set Bonus - While at full life, your healing from skills is added to your max life for 45 sec. Up to 100% more.

(6) Set Bonus - Spending 10% life grants you a stack of Blood Cascade up to 50 times. Each stack of Blood Cascade increases the damage of life spending attacks by 200% and also increases the life you lose by 10%. Using a skill to heal will consume a stack and heal for an additional 300%. Healing from skills consumes one stack regardless of how many targets are hit. Command Skeletons (Dark Mending Rune) and Land of the Dead (Land of Plenty Rune) no longer consume stacks or receive increased healing. Your Life-spending attacks deal 3300% increased damage but cost twice as much Life. Your healing from skills is increased by 100%.



(2) Set Bonus - Bone Armor's damage is increased by 1000%.

(4) Set Bonus - Bone Armor stacks are now refreshed. In addition, Bone Armor grants an additional 2% damage reduction per enemy hit.

(6) Set Bonus - Bone Armor also activates a Bone Tornado damaging nearby enemies by 375% 750% weapon damage per sec as Physical. Enemies hit by the tornado take 850% 2750% additional damage from the Necromancer's abilities and minions.



(2) Set Bonus - Each corpse you consume fires a corpse fragment Corpse Lance at a nearby enemy, dealing 800% weapon damage.

(4) Set Bonus - Each enemy hit by Bone Spear reduces your damage taken by 2% up to a max of 50%. Lasts 15 sec.

(6) Set Bonus - Each corpse you consume grants you an Empowered Bone Spear charge that increases the damage of your next Bone Spear by 1000% 3000%. This effect stacks up to 30 100 times.



(2) Set Bonus - Army of the Dead gains the effect of the Unconventional Warfare rune When the target of yoru Command Skeleton dies, your skeletons are automatically commanded to attack a nearby target. While your skeletons are commanded to attack a target, all of your minions deal 400% increased damage.



Fixed an issue preventing Bloodsong Mail from correctly granting the Enforcer rune when Land of the Dead was active.

Fixed an issue preventing the damage bonus from Krysbin's Sentence to apply to pets.

Necromancer Golems and Witch Doctor Gargantuans will now destroy breakables they step on.


Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Beta Patch Notes – 2.6.0 (45634)

Blizzard Entertainment deployed today a new patch for Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Beta. The Diablo III 2.6.0 (45634) Patch Notes are available. No new discernible new content other than a bug fix that allowed non-Necromancers to loot Necromancer loot.

In this patch, Rifts and Greater Rifts with the Temple of the Firstborn tileset will benefit from a new change that reduces the amount of dead ends.

Necromancer Beta 2.6.0 (45499) – Patch Notes

Blizzard Entertainment deployed today a new Necromancer Beta patch. The past week, the Necromancer was disabled, and this new patch reincorporated it with new changes, and new items for testing.

The Necromancer Sets have been given a proper name: Bones of Rathma (Bone set), Trag’Oul’s Avatar (Blood Set), Grace of Inarius (Saint Set), and Pestilence Master’s Shroud (Plague Set). The Set Bonuses were changed slightly.

The items tab shows 32 new Legendary Items exclusive for the Necromancer. These have some insane stats. Check them out:

Diablo III Patch 2.5.0 Live: Seasons 10 in Consoles

Diablo III patch 2.5.0 is now live in the Americas for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! That means Season 10 has begun! The first major feature introduced in this patch is the Armory, which allows you to save 5 different build loadouts per character (including gear, gems, runes and skills).

Crafting materials are now saved in a different UI interface within your character inventory. When you login, all materials in the stash will be moved there automatically.

Primal Ancient gear is unlocked after playing a level 70 Greater Rift. After that they drop anywhere, including Kadala.

Finally, Seasons 10 has arrived to Consoles (PS4/XBox One!

Diablo III Patch 2.4.2 Overview

Diablo III Patch 2.4.2 will introduce Torment 11-13, Onscreen UI on/off toggle for screenshots, new items for the new Torment levels, and better items from Adventure Modes and Nephalem Rifts.

Our next patch is coming soon! Read on to learn about the new difficulty levels, new and updated items, Adventure Mode updates, and UI changes you’ll see in Patch 2.4.2.


New Difficulty Levels

With new power comes a desire to test your strength. If you’ve sharpened your weapons on Torment X and are ready for new challenges, you’ll be happy to hear we’ve added Torment XI–XIII difficulties to the game, and filled them with progressively better loot—so get out there and wreck face, nephalem!


New and Updated Items

As with previous patches, Patch 2.4.2 brings updates to many Legendary and Set Items and also adds a few new items and Legendary powers. Here are some of the items we’ve updated, and don’t forget to check out our PTR patch notes for all the details.

TragoulCoils_D3_LightboxThumb_JP.jpg PotionOfChaos_D3_LightboxThumb_JP.jpg Scarbringer_D3_LightboxThumb_JP.jpg KhassettsCordOfRighteousness_D3_LightboxThumb_JP.jpg GazingDemise_D3_LightboxThumb_JP.jpg InvigoratingGemstone_D3_LightboxThumb_JP.jpg Starfire_D3_LightboxThumb_JP.jpg GirdleOfGiants_D3_LightboxThumb_JP.jpg


User Interface Updates

Finally, we have a few changes to the user interface. Those who enjoy taking screenshots will soon have a hotkey that hides the in-game UI for cleaner shots. We’re also adding unique pylon minimap icons to Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts, and a unique icon for the Menagerist Treasure Goblin.


Adventure Mode Changes

We’re also sweetening Adventure Mode rewards, starting with Nephalem Rifts. You’re now guaranteed a Greater Rift Key when completing any Rift, with a chance to get a second (or even a third) key as you increase the game’s difficulty. We’ve also adjusted drop rates for Infernal Machines, with a 100% drop chance in Torment IV, and an increasing chance for a second machine to drop as you go up in difficulty.


New challenges and updated items await you once the patch arrives! We can’t wait to see what builds you’ll create and the stories you’ll have to share when Season 7 arrives. Are you ready? Let us know what you’re most excited about, feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments, and GL HF! — source