Diablo III: Book of Cain Interview – Submit Questions

Blizzplanet will interview Micky Neilson (Blizzard Senior Story Developer and Publishing Lead) very soon. We welcome our visitors to submit questions about Diablo III: Book of Cain.

We have a few source materials to check out if you feel it may help you develop interesting questions.

We’ll giveaway a Diablo III: Book of Cain. To participate submit a question. We’ll gather the best questions for the interview. Our comments system allows you to login using your Yahoo, Google, Twitter or Facebook username and password. Deadline: Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 11:59pm EDT.

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  • Anonymous

    why cain is so important in diablo history ?

  • Insight Editions really went all out trying to create an actual piece of the diablo universe. Where did the inspiration come to make actually make it Cain’s journal?

  • Does the Book of Cain take any information, or affiliate itself, with the Diablo paperback series by Richard A. Knaak and Mel Odom?

  • Anonymous

    Given that this book is set as the source book for Diablo lore does it contradict or change any of the major events that have taken place in the game? And if so can you elaborate on any of the changes?

    Does it go into any more detail regarding the Sin War after the events of the Sin War trilogy? A lot of the other lore in the games and other novels make it seem as if the Sin War didn’t end until a few hundred years before the events of D1.

    Does Trang’Oul get mentioned in the book? And what of the other ‘guardians’ of the other realms that were briefly mentioned in the Sin War Trilogy, where do they come from?

    Are there any bread crumbs leading from the Book of Cain into D3? Any spoilers that should be looked over until we have the game?

  • Anonymous

    1.1) Does ‘Book of Cain’ follows any part of Cain and Leah’s 20 year post-Worldstone destruction journeys in hunting down variations/fragments of this new Prophesy?
    1.2) In extension, do we get Cain and the Harrogath barbarian’s POV when Mount Arreat exploded and it’s afterward impact upon the world and the barbarians? Might make a good short story if not the case yet.
    1.3) Are there any readable text of the gathered prophesy?

    2.1) Anything tied to Abd al-Hazir’s unseen lore research hold any relevance for Cain and Leah’s prophesy hunt and/or have a insightful encounter with the gentleman himself?
    2.2) Tad unrelated with ‘Book of Cain’ but will Abd al-Hazir’s missing 24 lore entires be cropping up book-wise or game-wise?

    5) Do all the noted old and new lands of Sanctuary been given more in depth background material, such as those unexplored lands WEST of Tristram?

    4) Does Cain uncover new history of his Horadrim heritage and learn the background stories of NPCs/Bosses/lore figures meet in the previous games? (e.g. Leoric’s pre-Tristram reign, Warriv, Wirt, Anya, mythical stories of possible Tyrael encounters across time.)

    BTW Medieval when could we expect the comic interviews regarding “Curse of the Worgen” and “Sword of Justice” to crop up? Much appreciate hearing a update. Thanks.

  • I’ve posted this on another site, but I will put I will put it up here as well:
    – Should we expect any retcons, or at least any CRAZY! retcons?
    – What was the most interesting/challengeing about compiling the lore?
    – Can you share some of the inspirations that influenced the new mythological background for the Diablo universe?
    – How did you decide on the artistic style(s) of the book?
    – How do you feel about the mood and story of the Diablo series? What do you think makes it stand from other dark fantasy universes?
    – Do we finally get to know how old Cain exactly is?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe we have anything set yet for Curse of Worgen – but the Sword of Justice interviews should be seen sometime next week or the week after. Those were by email so it’s mostly based on when we get the responses back for the questions we sent in.