Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway Community Round-Up

Blizzplanet will giveaway two beta keys during the Diablo III beta gameplay livestream on Saturday, October 1 at 8pm CST (UTC -5) / 9pm EST (New York City).

Another two beta keys will be given away on Wednesday, October 5th at 8pm CST (UTC -5).

Blizzard Entertainment provided some beta keys to the Diablo III fansites. I’ll update when I see any more. For now rush in and participate in the HunterStarCraft giveaway which closes tonight midnight (Oct 1).

  • HunterStarCraft — D3 beta key giveaway (ends Oct 1, midnight)
  • Force Strategy Gaming — Follow them. 7 winners will be selected Friday October 7th.
  • D3DB – Ends Sunday, October 2nd at 12pm (noon) EST
  • Diablo Fans – Caption Contest – holding 1 each week

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I heard a dark whisper from the ether beyond Sanctuary. It said: “Grab one of the Diablo III T-shirts“. Click-click-click-click-click …

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  • buzzyyboyy

    woaa nice 🙂 good luck all!!

  • We will post the Blizzplanet Diablo III Beta / Beta Key livestream in about one hour from now — It’s 7:50pm EST / UTC -4 right now.

  • ThisMemory

    Sweet, looking forward to it!

  • bm277


  • Avenknight

    how to watch/enter?

  • roblug3

    same question, how to watch?

  • Avenknight, Eldorian will post the Blizzplanet livestream embed in T-minus 40 minutes. It’s currently 8:20pm EST / New York.

  • maxpowers999

    Ah cool, can’t wait! Thanks for the awesome contest!

  • Accidie

    So cool! Good luck to everyone.

  • pwoodboerne

    Yeah where to watch it? Or will they just post it on this website?

  • Eien

    Very nice 😀

  • T-minus 20 minutes for the livestream to start. Eldorian, Mith, a friend of Eldorian and me will play together up to the Skeleton King. Likely about an hour / hour and a half livestream.

    Details on how to participate to get one of the two beta keys will be announced by Eldorian. Another two beta keys will be given away on Wednesday, October 5th at 8:30pm CST (UTC -5)

  • Hi Pwoodboerne. Eldorian will post the livestream embed in a few minutes on the front page. I’d say — reload Blizzplanet’s front page every 5 minutes or so. He’s livestreaming in about 15 minutes from now. It’s 8:43pm EST / New York City right now. He goes live around 9:00pm EST / 8pm US Central Time

  • Eien

    Looking foward to the stream!

  • Kesen22

    i’m excited!

  • pwoodboerne

    Wow nvm I’m an idiot

  • pwoodboerne

    and thanks for the reply 😀

  • Shadowzoomer

    Can’t wait!

  • Matt1128Y

    How do i shot web

  • Eien


  • freekey


  • subzerox

    Patiently waiting for livestream and rules to be posted…tick tock tick tock. 🙂

  • fdsdfg

    Woo! Hi stream

  • Lazd88

    Love the stream “the female barb is ghastly”

  • ImmoKnight

    i will tune into the stream for a bit… hope i win as I can’t wait for this game to come out… 10 years is an awfully long time for a sequel. 🙂

  • SmokinBigRipz

    We meet again, Lair of Maggots… It has been too long.

  • renangv1

    I need this key

  • ricecracker

    Good luck everyone!

  • Maggot777

    good luck all

  • Drawurden

    I hope I’ll get one

  • Synapse

    This game will ruin lives. Hopefully mine.

  • sethyss


  • mfah

    I’m hoping for a key! GL HF 🙂

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  • dr4v3n

    Ill get one 😉 …
    And if not ill wait till i get one!

  • Tomszy

    I am hoping for a beta key! GL HF to all!! 😀

  • hentz3

    Good god I will run naked down the street if I win

  • wantd3betakey

    Come on Blizzard should have been more generous with this! Why not give out more keys! They will have to support the population eventually! Why not up the population size right now to really test the servers!

  • CrAft

    Nice t-shirt, Diablo <3 =)

  • Eldorian

    I’d love to give everyone keys if Blizzard would have given me more. Like I said on the stream last night, nothing more I’d love to be than Oprah right now. YOU Get a key! YOU get a key! EVERYONE gets a key!

  • Slimovix

    I’m Chuck Norris. My name is a key.

  • slane043

    I have been practicing my clicking for weeks now…just so I’m ready. My index finger has never been so dexterous.

  • Graewoof

    Thanks for the contest!

  • LoTh

    Beta key here I come. But of course, luck to you all!

  • eblin

    Good luck every one

  • eblin

    Good luck to all of you folks

  • Yokuzuma

    Barbarian ftw 😉

  • Usemell

    Good luck to everyone! I want a diablo 3 Beta key!

  • revise

    Nobody updating this anymore?

    If you’re looking for pages with updated giveaway information:


  • markastor

    I hope I can play with Dio3 beta soon..

  • MichDiablo

    D3…. ohhhhhhhhh

  • Tiagosr

    o lord! I want a key! 🙂

  • ProfessorFreud

    Hope I am the chosen one……..

  • Redkinn

    Why do people hate on it? Lair of Magots was the best part of D2!

  • Renok

    Niceee! Gl guys!

  • skream89

    wish me luck for the beta contest! not sure if we gotta post here or in a new “news” page that still hasnt been created.. :S

  • johnmdlee

    I has need teh Beta KEY!!! Pweeeez Since Diablo 1 my true RPG LOVE DIABLO! lol

  • Congrats to the Beta key winners. I apologize guys. My modem died while playing the livestream. =(

    I was offline from Saturday-Thursday afternoon.