Blizzplanet: Diablo III Normal Difficulty

It’s been ages since the first time I beat Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. I can’t say I played religiously everyday, nor multiplayer. Still, I have fond times spending hours and days clearing every single cave, basement, and underground levels.

Some people rush through the quests to reach Diablo. I’m more a completionist, and I just can’t rush through. Takes longer, but satisfaction and victory thrill is felt tenfold.

It’s been over a decade, and we waited so long for this game to ship. After defeating Diablo III in Normal Difficulty, I can only say: It was worth the wait. Blizzard Entertainment’s creative team and the Diablo III team built something that feels like Diablo II, but improved so many areas of the game.

The storyline is awesome. I never saw many of these plots and characters coming. The story feels truly epic, be it quests, in-game lore books, or dialogues between the NPCs. I explored it all. From what I saw in the achievements, I barely missed a few in-game books.

I only found one flaw with the game, and that’s mostly because the Auction House is currently disabled until further notice. So hard to make space in your inventory and stash.

I’d say the cost for each stash 14 slots needs to decrease, and the cost of the tabs as well. The second tab costs 100,000. The third tab costs 200,000. That’s 300,000 — not counting the additional 10,000 per 14 slots.

At the time of finishing Diablo III, I only managed to get the second tab (100,000), and only have 50,000 gold (a quarter of what the third tab costs).

All my focus went into spending gold to buy 14 stash slots, and to buy the second stash tab, and all its slots. I was not able to invest in upgrading the Blacksmith. At all. Thus didn’t even use the Blacksmith’s recipes to build gear.

There’s a work around if you are running out of inventory space and stash space while you manage to get all three stash tabs. You have up to 10 character slots. Create two level 1 characters you won’t be using for a long while. Empty the stash onto both characters’ inventory — use them as bank characters so to speak. When the Auction House is launched, put all those items in those two bank characters for sale. Much better to use this method, than to trash stuff that might have potential value at the Auction House. Go, empty your inventory and stash to make space so you can keep farming Nightmare Difficulty items until the Auction House opens.

At level 32, I beat Diablo III Normal Difficulty wearing only what I looted from bosses and rare elites. Lot of yellow gear. No Blacksmith gear. I’m so glad I could experience the entire gameplay and storyline, and to be able to say indeed Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise. Mission accomplished. Yet so much work to do. Next step: Nightmare Difficulty.

Other than my suggestion to lower the stash costs, this game was worth the wait. Very polished, awesome scenarios, cool random events and game mechanics, and quests. Diablo III is everything Diablo II should have been, now in the flesh, made reality. I love this game, and truly hope to play it often in coop-mode. Big <3 to Jay Wilson, Christian Lichtner, Andrew Chambers, Kevin Martens, Jason Bender, Wyatt Cheng, and the remaining Diablo III Team. I'm amazed by all the information found in-game about the story. Now I understand how important it is for fans to read Diablo III: Book of Cain and Diablo III: The Order. Reading those two books will prepare players to the video game’s storyline, and overall help them understand what’s going on, and who the characters and locations mentioned are.

Big kudos to Chris Metzen, Micky Neilson, James Waugh and the whole Creative Team for their truly epic story. As usual, there’s a cliffhanger. What’s next? As Jay Wilson mentioned throughout these past few years, there will be Diablo III expansions. Who do we fight now? There are some characters in the game whose whereabouts are still unaccounted for.

Update: Because of the ending, the repercussions are palpable, and yet unpredictable. Will the expansion be set several years in the future? Will Sanctuary have to fight in other worlds where the Burning Hells still have foothold? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend reading Diablo: The Sin War Box Set (Kindle edition). To read the eBook on your PC/Mac computer or mobile device download the Kindle app.

As a mass market paperback, you can get it here:

Chronologically, Diablo: The Sin War is the earliest event in the Diablo story — about 3,000 years in the past. In this book, the Angiris Council voted against or in favor of humanity. The true origin of Sanctuary and the Worldstone are revealed too. Material that is widely used in the Diablo III quests, in-game books and NPC dialogues. Some important characters that play a role in the book trilogy: Trang’Oul, Rathma, Kalan, Lilith, Mephisto, Tyrael, Imperius, and Uldyssian.

Possible Expansion Characters – Spoilers

  • There are seven lieutenants of Azmodan. We only fight two: Ghom (Lord of Gluttony) and Cydaea (Maiden of Lust).
  • Missing Lieutenants of Belial
  • Adria
  • Zoltan Kulle
  • Inarius
  • Lilith
  • Malthael

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    I was kind of disappointed by the fact that leah died and not a single word was spoken about that. No one mourned her, she just died and we went, “oh ok let’s kill diablo, forget her, she died move on”?… C’MON that was the main character.

    Also, diablo died and game over. I know all games have been that way but, I was kind of expecting something similar to the lich king’s death.

    The plot twists were pretty obvious to me… EXCEPT tyrael choosing to become a man and cain’s death, but those happened on act 1! I was expecting much more from the game after that.

    I was expecting leah to become diablo, adria would sure betray us at some point ofcourse, same as zoltan kulle, I knew the first time I saw the prince that he was belial, diablo was going to attack the high heavens and we would win.

    I hoped I was wrong about some stuff. Like Tyreal becoming diablo now that he was human, or that leah would be the one responsible for killing her father or delievering the final blow… Or that he would die in the end, but he would be victorious in corrupting the high heavens for good!

    I was also disappointed by adria. I always liked her, everyone in tristram called her a witch, bullyed her or said that she was responsible for the demons on diablo 1, and I always felt like they were judging her without getting to know her, and only us playing the game knew she was good and wanted to help us with scrolls, potions and information.

    She was good. I Do not get why they changed her to become evil or corrupted. That was too easy to say: yeah the witch on diablo 1 was an evil witch after all.

  • Medievaldragon


    I was concerned about Leah too. For example, it is stated in a book that Aidan reverted back to his self when Diablo was killed in Diablo II. Diablo-phist-aal died but the body didn’t revert to Leah’s.

    Also, when the corpse was thrown out of the High Heavens, it desintegrated. There’s no way now to recover Leah’s body.

    A contradiction: Leah said she would continue Deckard Cain’s work. Now who’s going to? Evil is no more, but there will be expansions. There’s still a story to be written in the Book of Cain.

    Who will take the mantle of the Horadrim now?

    There are some flaws here and there, but overall it was a cool story in some areas. I couldn’t talk about all this in the article without spoiling.

  • Spoilers, obviously. Overall I was pretty happy with the storyline, but definitely agree with the two comments already posted.

    – I hope Leah comes back somehow in the expansion. Otherwise her character seems pointless. Nobody seems to mourn her in-game.

    – Best story is in Act 1, downhill after there.

    – Zoltan Kulle storyline seemed a bit stupid.

    – Belial’s identity obvious. Would have been interesting to see more actual lies and twists. Seriously.

    – I found the whole of the High Heavens section a bit too easy as far as the storyline goes. “Oh, yeah, the missing Angel, she’s in the Library…”. Not epic enough.

    – Tyreal was generally a little bitch instead of being epic.

    – “You killed Diablo… wd” ending was poor.

  • Spoilers-

    I was sad at the death of Leah, and was actually suprised at the betrayal by Adria, although I did notice she was being a bit of a bitch. The lack of recognition towards her death was also dissapointing, and I hope it will be explored later, maybe even try to save her soul like Metzen hinted at in the CE dvd.

    Much of Act 2 definatly felt like filler where as Act 3 was filled with endless grinds to make the game last longer, so the story didn’t suffer as much.

    Tyreal’s Sacrifice didn’t feel as much of a sacrifice when humans are more powerful, but I guess he lost his immortality. It still didn’t explain HOW he became human, he just sort of ripped his wings off and he is human. Human’s reproduce sexually, I didn’t realize a being of energy born of sound coming from an arch could become a different species, even if the species are related.

    Tyreal becomes the Archangel of Wisdom at the end because “Justice has been met this day.” So, just because it was met that day doesn’t mean it no longer needs to be met. Doesn’t Justice need to be there no matter what?

    Doesn’t really explain what happened to Imperius. Did he die? Auriel seemed to be fine after Diablo started screwing with the arch.

    The Black Soulstone fell into the clouds under heaven, but it still has the soul of all seven evils inside it. Also, as said by the hero, as long as hell still exists evil will still exist.

    All in all, great game, liked the story a lot, trying to beat hell difficulty atm of a demon hunter and its pretty fun. Story wasn’t as captivating to me as Wings of Liberty was, but it still deserves at least a 7/10, maybe even an 8 because I almost got choked up at Decard Cain’s funeral, and loved the scene where Tyreal fights Imperius and Impirius fights Diablo. (I’ll feely admit I was wrong, and he doesn’t join him, which I’m glad.)

  • Pol Trokk

    Blizzard make always quality games, but for me they are overpriced,games made for child, so from where 11 yo should get 50$ for licence, thanks god all popular games are good income for hackers as well, you can play free on publice servers,
    Blizzard get hacked again ))) proof here

  • >.>

    Gold is really easy to get. Wait until you get through Hell or get to level 60 with Nephalem Valor.

    I spent most of my gold leveling up the artisans and once I got to Hell is when I started buying bank tabs. Now I have maxed out my blacksmith and have all bank tabs.

    Wait until you see some of the inferno recipes, they cost 130K to even make the weapon!

    I do wish that they had less useless properties spawning on items. Stuff like Strength and Intellect just get destroyed but I guess the materials have to come from somewhere!