WCRadio to Broadcast Live Videostream from BlizzCon.  As promised, Blizzard Entertainment made the official announcement of what few days I reported to be a surprise.  WCRadio will transmit a LIVE Videostream broadcast of BlizzCon with the help of Replayers.net from China using Peer-to-peer technology known as ppstream.  Blizzard fans will be able to watch the show live using Windows Media Player.  WCRadio needs to rent 3 Canon XL2 cameras.  If you wish to help WCRadio with few donations you can do so here via Paypal.

Blizzard: “While we wish every player could attend this year’s BlizzCon, we understand that a large number of players will be unable to make the trip. But there is still hope! Blizzard is pleased to announce that WoW Radio will be offering live video feeds of some of the different events at BlizzCon. You can look forward to watching some of the Q&A panels, the costume contest, interviews with Blizzard employees, and several other big events live from your computer. As we head into the last few weeks before the convention begins, please keep checking WoW Radio’s BlizzCon website, for more information.

WoW Radio also airs Shoutcast “Radio Shows” every day that you can listen to from your computer. These talk shows cover the latest news and community discussions about World of Warcraft. Check out their website for running schedules and downloads of their archived shows”

Athalus needs 3 Canon XL2 video cameras.  If you have a business and wish to sponsor WCRadio please contact athalus at athalus@wcradio.com  A commercial of your business can be run live during the videostream and ad banners in the website can be arranged. World of Warcraft has 4 million paid-subscribers that will be a potential target for any sponsor able to support WCRadio live videostream from BlizzCon