We have added an excerpt of Chapter One from Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor—a pocketbook written by Chris Metzen few years ago.  This hard to find book is available in Acrobat Reader PDF format and was added to our Warcraft Pocketbooks section at the comfortable price of only $ 4.00.

For those who didn’t know,  the main characters of this book are NPCs in World of Warcraft.  The Paladin is the simple guy outside a cabin near the Thondroril river northwest of Eastern Plaguelands, by the entrance to Terrorweb Tunnel.  Once you complete all his quests, he will reveal to you his true name …  Tirion Fordring and below his name the tag: (Order of the Silver Hand).  The second NPC is named Eitrigg, former member of the Blackrock Clan, now an NPC next to Thrall at the Valley of Wisdom.  Warcraft: Of Blood of Honor is about this Alliance Paladin. This story takes place before Warcraft III Reign of Chaos, and is a backstory for the Knights of the Silver Hand.  After Lordaeron’s Fall and the loss of their leader Uther the Lightbringer, the Knights of the Silver Hand changed their name to Scarlet Crusade, distorting their credo into zealotry.  With Tirion’s son becoming High Lord of the Scarlet Crusade as protege of High General Abbendis.  In the book, Taelan is but a young boy who loved his father Tirion. Enjoy the excerpt, and order the eBook at your leisure.

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