interviewed Paul Sams and Chris Metzen few weeks ago.  The second part of the interview reveals many things about the transition from Nihilistic to Swinging Ape studios, and the new direction the game is taking.  Somewhere during the interview, there was an answer that may fill players with uncertainty.  Would it be possible that Starcraft: Ghost aims to provide multiplayer components?  Read an excerpt:

“StarCraft and WarCraft III are particularly popular in “professional” gaming tournaments; how important does Blizzard consider that area to be? Is just a quirky oddity, or is it something you see growing in importance, and in public profile, in the future?

Paul: We see it growing. Not only do we see it growing, but we just hired a person to be in charge of tournaments in our company. We want to do more support of tournaments, and we want to build more tournament capabilities into our products, and to have tournaments and competitive play more in our thought process as we’re creating our games.

We want to continue to create great singleplayer product, but that has incredible, compelling multiplayer play that has competitive components. We think that that is another element of the future that we really want to focus on , and we think that we’ve done a pretty decent job at it so far.”

Read the full interview Here.