A new job position for a Level Designer was announced by Swingin Ape Studios, who is leading the development of Starcraft: Ghost with supervision of Blizzard’s Rob Pardo & Chris Metzen. The job position highlights Multiplayer level design a plus.  Seeing as all Blizzard games have multiplayer features, it is no surprise that Blizzard could be considering multiplayer in Starcraft: Ghost for console gamers.

After the sudden leave of Nihilistic from the project, Blizzard assigned Swingin Ape Studios to follow up development of Starcraft: Ghost few months ago(July 7, 2004).  Although Blizzard has not officially confirmed Multiplayer features for Starcraft: Ghost,  the job opening may suggest that Blizzard and Swingin’ Ape Studios are studying the possibility of adding Multiplayer capabilities to the Console game.  The previous game by Swingin’ Ape Studios was Metal Arms—featuring 7 Multiplayer modes.

Few days ago, we informed that Gamesindustry.biz’s Starcraft: Ghost interview with Paul Sams—Blizzard Vice President of Business Operations—mentioned that they seek multiplayer capabilities to all their future games; indirectly implying that the same applies for this console game. 

Gamesindustry interview excerpt
“Paul Sams:  We want to continue to create great singleplayer product, but that has incredible, compelling multiplayer play that has competitive components. We think that that is another element of the future that we really want to focus on , and we think that we’ve done a pretty decent job at it so far.”

Let’s cross our fingers!  We have the Job Opening for you to read …