The Editor of Music4Games has informed us about their interview with Jason Hayes, World of Warcraft Lead Composer, regarding Video Games Live and GC concert performances of his music:

Music4Games:How does it feel to have your music selected
          for the GC Game Music Symphony Concert?

          Jason Hayes: I’m very honored to be a part of this spectacular
          concert event! To have music performed at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig,
          a city so renowned for its rich music history, is a real thrill
          for me.

Music4Games: What other projects are on the horizon after the live

          Jason Hayes: I’m going to be in high production mode on the
          album for the next few months, and I’m also currently starting a
          brand new game from NCsoft. Right now, all the details are completely
          undisclosed, but I’m hoping that some information will be released
          about it soon. I think it’s really going to be incredible!