UPDATE 4-17-06:  This content is Outdated as of Patch 1.9
The King of Stormwind is no longer in Alcaz Island.  He has been moved,  and now a Gnome lvl 62 is above at the house.  The Gnome is related to the Opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj.  Therefore, the info below is incorrect.  This newspost created in 3-2005 is now a year older than the update.

Many fans are wondering what happened to the King of Stormwind.  Others ask why a child is now King.  The Missing Diplomat quest starting in Sentinel Hill (Westfall) along the storyline of the Defias Brotherhood, reveals that the Diplomat is really the King of Stormwind.  The Defias Brotherhood’s leader Vancleef had a grudge with the King.  After Warcraft 2 events with the invasion of the Orcs through the Dark Portal, the repairs to the Stormwind city were not properly paid to the Masons who helped rebuild the city.  Vancleef created the Defias Brotherhood in an attempt to steal from the rich.  In vengeance, the King was kidnapped while traveling to Theramore—to visit Jaina Proudmoore.  Due to the disappearance of the King and to not cause chaos in the deteriorating politics of Stormwind, the King’s child son was proclaimed King.  Mysteriously, Lady Prestor became Advisor for the Child King.  In Warcraft: Day of the Dragons novel, written by Richard A. Knaak, Deathwing(one of the five dragon aspects) posed as a human named Prestor.  He got into the politics of Alterac City and he was engaged to marry Arthas’s sister, in an attempt to dominate the Lordaeron Kingdom.  Rarely enough, a Lady Prestor advises the child King.  It was revealed that Lady Prestor is really Onyxia in disguise. 

The King of Stormwind—Varian Wrynn, is found in a catacomb sewer system located in Alcaz Island, in Dustwallow Marsh.  The Alcaz island is heavily protected by Hydras level 61 Elite and Naga level 60 Elite.  Surely, there most exist some connection between Onyxia and the Naga.  Onyxia might possibly have deceived the Defias Brotherhood on her Human disguise and facilitated the kidnapping of the King.  Easily explained.  But … what is the connection between Onyxia and the Naga?  Why does the Naga have the King captive if it was the Defias who kidnapped him?

Here are the screenshots of the King of Stormwind and the entrance to the Sewer System where he is held prisoner.  Read more …