Our friend-site Judgehype in France had a Blizzard Developers Q&A concerning World of Warcraft.  We recommend you to read the English version of the interview Here

JudgeHype: Some Professions and Classes are facing inventory storage issues. E.g. the Warlock class (due to Soulshards) or some gathering professions (such as Herbalists). Is it conceivable to provide special bags, which may be created by players, in order to bring a solution to this issue ? Similarly, would it possible to create some kind of keys holder, which would be useful to store together all the required instances keys.

Blizzard: We are working on specialized bags that can only hold, for example, quest items, soul shards, keys, and profession-based materials. We haven?t decided exactly which kind of bag will be available, but our first goal is to have soul shard bags and key rings.

The Alliance/Horde characters proportion is apparently quite messy on some servers. This mainly poses a real issue on the PvP servers, due to the queuing linked to Battlegrounds, which is often pretty long at the Alliance side, while at the Horde side they have to play in inferior number. Even if the players understand pretty well that a perfect balance can’t be achieved, could you give us an example for measure that could be applied in order to bring a solution to this on some Realms ?

We are working at a number of different initiatives. It?s a complex problem, so unfortunately, we don?t have more detailed specifics at this time.