The Modding: Voice Acting & Music Category at Jason Hayes website is now open.  If you have a new mod project or if you have talent and a microphone, head over to his Forum and make yourself known in the community.  Star Alliance is part of Jason Hayes’s Modding Community Forum.  Here is an excerpt of the welcome:

The primary aim and purpose of this forum is to bridge the gap between composers and mod-makers, so that mods might have the chance to receive custom music written for them, and so that composers of all skill levels may have the opportunity to work on game projects in a non-commercial context. It is a place for people to meet and discuss ideas, and to collaborate on mod projects.

Mods are game modifications, which are custom content developed by people not associated with the company which created the game. Mods can add to a game elements such as scenarios, campaigns, stories, models, units, sounds, and so on, utilising the game engine as a canvas from which to create new games from.