… and on the last day, he clapped and all farmers sobbed as their economy lowered down

Wow-Europe announced some changes made in the last Maintenance schedule that will limit the amount of instances per hour that a player can enter to.  This move by Blizzard seems to serve as a smackdown to certain players.  This will affect cheaters, multi-instance resetters and farmers most likely, since it doesn’t represent a big deal to normal players.  Here is what Thundgot said:

“During this Wednesday?s weekly maintenance, we will be implementing code into the game that will limit the amount of unique instances a player can enter. This new code should relieve the realm wide instance instability issues for legitimate players that were caused by players trying to exploit the instances.

Since many have questions about how the new system works, and why it was implemented. The new system works like this; You can enter up to 5 unique instances per hour. If you try to enter a 6th instance in less than an hour after you entered the first, you will be blocked from doing so. You must wait 1 hour from the time you enter the first instance before you will be able to enter any others. This does not apply to PvP instances, nor do PvP instances count towards your total. The same goes for the Tram and officers’ barracks (which aren’t instances).”