Glynnis Campbell New Book Pseudonym

We are pleased to announce all Starcraft Fans, that Glynnis Talken—voice actress of Kerrigan in Starcraft and Broodwar has won all three Awards of her Medieval Romance Book entries into the Hearts Through History Contest?-for Best Medieval, Best Western, and A Hero for All Time! Categories.  Most notable is that Glynnis Talken has changed her book publisher to Warner with a new Writer pseudonym.  Could you believe which?  Glynnis Talken will be known in the Medieval Romance Book world as SARAH McKERRIGAN.  Glynnis Talken has done voice acting for games like Starcraft, Broodwar, Diablo II and has also been known for the voice behind MTV TheMaxx, and Star Wars Audiobooks.  Due to some terms by Warner, her Glynnis Campbell pseudonym may no longer be used on her new books with Warner, therefore she chose Sarah McKerrigan.  I will have to apologize to Glynnis.  She told me her new pseudonym a month and a half ago, and I sincerely thought she was kidding me.  The Newsletter announcement makes it official.  Read her August Newsletter below …

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