Tricia Gray [new Public Relations Director of Flagship Studios]—informed us of the latest news concerning the game that has undergone almost two-years of development.  Tricia announced the name of the upcoming game and a new article to be published on PC Gamer Magazine.  Read what Tricia forwarded to us:

Flagship Studios:
Flagship Studios is pleased to announce that PC Gamer magazine will
present our first game, “Hellgate: London?”, as the cover story in their
May issue. It will hit US newsstands during the next two weeks. The PC
Gamer cover image is now up on our website.

This game will most likely be available on both PC/Mac computers, for cross-platform compatibility has been a constant equation in their previous games.  It is something we would like to ask Flagship Studios in a future interview.  As mentioned on the FAQ page, Mac will be considered after the game is finished.

Will your game be available for the Macintosh?
We are currently focusing all of our energies on creating a great game for the PC and have not yet discussed our long-range plans for support on the Macintosh. We do come from a tradition of supporting the Mac with our games, and we will certainly be keeping such a great, passionate base of gamers in our thoughts as the game progresses.

Hellgate London is expected to be a successful and popular game—based on their track record of mind-blowing 13 million copies of Diablo? and Diablo II? sold worldwide.

We wish Flagship Studios luck in their current endeavours, and hope that you keep track of their work. Get PC Gamer(May 2005 Edition) in the next couple of weeks, at a newsstand near you, to find out more.  Click the image for the PC Gamer cover.  More details below: