Blizzard released few minutes ago the preview to Dire Maul.  An ancient vault of arcane secrets once built by the High Elves under the orders of Queen Azshara.  For thousands of years, after the destruction of the Well of Eternity,  Dire Maul has been a place where few adventurers have gone out alive, and none have unveiled the secret arcane items hidden in the depths of the vaults.  The complex has 3 sections varing from lvl 56 to lvl 60 content.


  • Dire Maul consists of three separate wings ranging in difficulty from level 56 to 60.
  • There are many ways to complete the quests located in Dire Maul, and the decisions a party makes along the way will directly influence the potential rewards.
  • In recent years, rumors have surfaced of an ancient arena within Dire Maul’s courtyard where unique creatures were once fought for sport.
  • Adventurers will find that the occupants of Dire Maul possess many rare and epic weapons, armors, and profession recipes never before seen on Azeroth.