Arathi Basin Battlegrounds Preview is now available in the North American World of Warcraft website.  Among the most notable features are:

  • Both sides of up to 15 players each compete to occupy the five resource nodes spread throughout Arathi Basin.

  • Each claimed node generates resources for the owning team. The more nodes your team controls, the quicker you gain natural resources. The first team that gains 2,000 resources wins.

  • Both the winning and losing team earn honor after completing an Arathi Basin Battleground, as accumulated resources translate directly into bonus honor for players. Even if you don’t win the Battleground, you walk away with honor.

  • As players compete, they will improve their reputation with the Defilers or League of Arathor, thereby earning many new and powerful rewards.

  • Arathi Basin is banded by level, just like Warsong Gulch. The minimum level to join is 21, and different instances will spawn for players between levels 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, and 51-60.