Diablo III Facebook 775,000 Likes – New Screenshots

The Diablo III Facebook has reached 775,000 Likes which bring us to another milestone toward the one million goal, and milestone reached, Blizzard Entertainment has released the ransom.

Blizzard Entertainment provided Blizzplanet and other Diablo III fansites the high resolution of a gameplay screenshot with the female Wizard casting what looks like the Slow Time skill. If this is Slow Time, I got to point out it looks a bit different than what we have seen in past screenshots.

Visit the official Diablo III: Wizard webpage to play the gameplay video. Choose Slow Time. It was a light-blue force field. This new screenshot today shows a pinkish force field, with a radius rim flashing dark purple and blinding white-pink hues. We might know exactly what it is when the image is added to the Diablo III Facebook page soon.

To view the 2348 x 1320 High Resolution image hold down the right-button and choose “Open in New Tab”.

The Concept Art shows a two-headed demon with four arms. The heads look more like a bizarre wolf than a goatman. It carries two spears, and a third arm is seen reaching his backpack to grab an arrow, which suggests it is both: melee and archer type of monster.

To view the 800 x 933 image hold down the right-button and choose “Open in New Tab”.

Visit the Diablo III Facebook and click “Like” in all screenshots if you missed doing so before. Check back the facebook page in upcoming days to “Like” the screenshots you just viewed. Help Blizzard reach a million “Likes”. Remember, Blizzard will release one screenshot and one concept art every 25,000 “Likes”.

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  • Mikeztarp

    To me, these spears look like they’re made to be thrown; perhaps he uses arrows plus a more powerful spear attack once in a while.

    On another note, I feel like we’ve seen that monster in another art piece before (or another sort of two-headed goatman), but i can’t find it on the official website. I’ll keep looking and let you know if I come up with anything.

  • Mikeztarp

    Well, nothing on the khazra. But I did find a petition about the art controversy that entertained me for a couple minutes. 😛

    I swear, when I read the arguments of these people, I feel like I’m dealing with 13 year-old goth kids who have never played a Diablo game and just want something “dark” – nevermind if it’s good or not – but above all no “wow gayness” (and that’s an actual quote xD).

  • I bet I’ll have some fun categorizing all the Diablo III monsters in some sort of list/database, taking photos, etc.

    They have revealed at least 50 monsters so far.