Blizzplanet: How to Enable the Real Money Auction House in Diablo III

The Real-Money Auction House (RMAH) is now available since June 12th. Players might still be wondering how to enable it to make transactions.

Like you, I was in the dark. It’s not that hard if you have the requirements to activate the feature.

1. Go to your Account page: USA / Europe / Lationamerica / España / France / Italia / Deutsch.

2. If you have PayPal, go to Settings and select My Payment Options. Once there, on the right side is a blue button: “Add Payment Method”. There you can enter your PayPal account email, and a secure page will be launched to login into PayPal to approve the linking with the Payment Option. If you don’t have PayPal, your credit card will do. Simply click the Balance link on the top-right corner of the Account Page to transfer a money amount from your bank into the Balance.

PAYPAL (Option)

BALANCE (Credit Card option)

3. Don’t have a Authenticator? There are two options: the free Mobile app or the physical authenticator. Get the physical Authenticator (USA / Europe) for $6.50 / £8.99 / EUR 9,99. Or download the free Mobile app here for iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Google Play, Zune/Windows Phone 7.

4. Have a mobile phone? In order to activate the Real Money Auction House, Blizzard requires you to have this extra layer of security: the SMS Protect. All you have to do is go to the page. There are two options beneath your Account Details, under Security Options. Enable the SMS Protect feature. Add your phone number. Enable SMS Text Messages. Afterwards, you will get a text message with a security code. Type that security code in the website and hit enter. Your SMS Protect feature is then enabled.

5. Launch Diablo III, switch to the Real-Money Auction House. Any time you wish to add an item for sale, or to buy an item select from the dropdown menu the Paypal, or Balance options. Voila.

Blizzard will auto-email to your account’s email address a receipt with the details. This way you can track whether someone is doing things without your consent — however, with these security layers, that’s highly improbable.


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  • Is there no way to avoid putting in your credit card information? I’m already verified with paypal and it still wont link. It just continues to ask for one. I already felt uncomfortable giving my account number, I outright refuse to give my card number on top of this and I may contact my bank to change my numbers. This is another Playstation Network waiting to happen.

  • Medievaldragon

    If your paypal is your primary payment option it should work. Otherwise, go into the “Settings -> My payment options” and enable it as your primary payment option.

    In order to have access to the RMAH, you need two things: the Authenticator (Physical or Mobile app) and to enable the SMS Protect feature. Once both are enabled, you can go in-game to the RMAH to purchase or sell items.

    I followed the same steps described here, knowing nothing about how to. It was mostly figuring things out based on the error messages I was getting.

    Important: Don’t forget to enable “Receive SMS text messages” and to check out your mobile to read the text message with the random code to enable SMS Protect.

  • I have no payment options attached to, I just verified my paypal with my bank account less than 24 hours ago (I thought that was the problem, it wasn’t) when I follow these steps, it leads me to paypal, I log into paypal and then immediately after it asks for a credit card.

    So from my account>Settings dropdown menu>My Payment Options>Blue button on right side “Add Payment Method”>Selecting “Paypal” and clicking “Continue to Paypal”>Arrive at paypal website, so I log in>Asks for credit card.

  • “Link a new debit or credit card to make an instant payment” wtf? I dont even want to buy anything, I just want to SELL.