Blizzplanet Diablo III Beta Video Stream # 2: The Wizard

Watch below a few videos of my Wizard level 13 in Diablo III Beta Patch 4 v. During the video I show the Wizard spell list. Take in mind the beta level cap is 13. There were a few rare mobs. Around 7 Pages of Training (for the Blacksmith) dropped from bookcases, dead mobs, and other sources. Every 5 pages of training you can click them to transform them into a Book.

The book of training can then be taken to the Blacksmith to increase up training experience. Usually, you need around 5-7 of these books to level up. So far my Blacksmith is level 3 and provides a few rare recipes.

In this video I talk to all the NPCs so that you can follow the storyline. Every time you complete a quest you can find a new dialogue from some of the NPCs, as you are used to in Diablo II.

It’s a lengthy video because I explore the entire dungeon halls, check all the bookcases, corpses, and break pretty much everything that drops something and ok — sorry , I also break statues, tables, and other stuff for kicks.

Update 12:48am EST: Live Stream is over. Below are three videos of the livestream.

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  • buzzyyboyy

    nice stream BTW very nice quality! ty

  • DKeith

    I watch too many streams, I feel so left out D:

  • Thanks. I am not sure how the quality is. On my end I see the videos a bit laggy sometimes. Apparently the software doesn’t let me stream in 1920×1080. Only 1280×720 HD. Don’t think I have the upstream bandwidth for the former.

    Eldorian has a better internet connection. He will be the one livestreaming the beta key giveaway. Seems we are giving two beta keys after the livestream, and another two beta keys at a date to be determined.

    We are still trying to iron out the rules. Eldorian told me a few minutes ago we should give a 24 hours break to post comments to be fair with European visitors.

  • spell

    great videos

  • eitjayar

    The streams are great… just finished watching everything!! I didn’t know you could start the campaign again from the very beginning and doing all the quests again. I thought it was just like diablo 2, once you’ve done one quest on that character, you can’t do it again or start all over on that difficulty.

    Man that templar guy is annoying… is there a way to turn his chat off? It’s fun to have someone talking to you while you are in a dangerous dungeon but after a while you feel like telling him to shut up. I don’t care if the foes we are facing are worthy or not every time we enter a room…

    But I was really depressed when you had TWO templars following you! Wasn’t one just enough blizz? C’mon TWO? At least it was for just a few minutes 🙂

    Give us some notice on when you’ll be streaming again, this is the second time I only get to see the videos :/

    Take care, and keep showing us stuff!

  • Eldorian is streaming tonight, Saturday, Oct 1 around 8pm CST (US Central Time).

    About the templar, he only says his “worthy opponent” line as a warning that a rare mob is nearby. He’s like the WoW addon NPC_Scan. Before you get to see the rare mob he goes off warning you to be alert.

    There are two types of rares: the yellow text mobs which drop decent loot, and I think the ones in blue /purple text which usually come in groups of three or more mobs.

  • Smooches

    Great stuff, and great content. Keep it coming!

  • MichDiablo

    🙁 I want to play 🙁