As part of the Blizzard Fansites Program, our loyalty to Blizzard and our fans is to mantain a clean community following and respecting the EULA and Terms of Service of Blizzard Games. Our support to Blizzard Entertainment spreads to advertising products like Warcraft RPG Books, Warcraft novel pocketbooks, Warcraft Board Game and World of Warcraft UpperDeck Trading Cards, among other products. Additionally, we often interview Warcraft novel writers, White Wolf and Upper Deck representatives, Blizzard Sound and Music Composers, Voice Actors, and others to keep the fans up to date with Blizzard Entertainment’s whereabouts. Check out Our Interviews Portfolio.

Currently, Blizzplanet consists of two Staff members: Medievaldragon (Admin, Newsposter) and Eldorian (News, Interviews).

Blizzplanet joined the IncGamers Network on October 6th, 2008 as an invitation. I continue to be its owner.


Our Roots


Blizzplanet was formerly, founded by Yitten and Stephen. On September 22, 2002, Blizzard announced Starcraft: Ghost at Tokyo Game Show.  With no hope for a Starcraft 2 release, and scarce news, one of the members: Justice, proposed “Blizzplanet” as our new domain name.  Immediately, another of our former members LSDesign created the logo. We launched Blizzplanet as a All-Blizzard-Games News and Content fansite, rather than the Starcraft-only focused fansite. Blizzplanet had at one time over 20 staff members, but most of them have moved on: College, Jobs, Other Games, Personal reason, etc.



Our Exclusive News and Interviews are published by many Networks online like Bluesnews, Shacknews, RPGdot, GamingReport, ActionTrip, VoodooExtreme(IGN), JudgeHype, Wow.Stratics, and many others.  Many Wiki sites use Blizzplanet as news and lore source. We have been featured in the headlines of,, and the Press Room of Starcraft: Ghost and Starcraft Official Websites.