Second Behavior

Back in June 2020, RandomMan00 shared in Reddit a special behavior in the URL. In the past, the address resolved into a “Server Not Found” error. Then, the URL resolved into Error 403, which according to the Amazon AWS support site means the page is behind the AWS Firewall, blocking access to public view.

You don’t block it behind a Firewall for nothing. Only if you are working on content.

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Vicarious Visions Wants a QA Tester for… Rated M Game

Some people might see this as a stretch. Others might find this tidbit an appealing appetizer… others… well, intriguing.

Vicarious Visions — acquired by Activision in 2005 — is an american game developer studios located in Albany, New York.

They are rumored to be developing Diablo II: Resurrected as per Actugaming.

IGN Summer of Gaming: Blizzard joins June Showcase

IGN announced recently that Blizzard Entertainment has joined the IGN Summer of Gaming line-up to be scheduled soon for June 2020.

The importance of this happening is two-fold. This event is more-or-less replacing what E3 2020 would have been now that the event got cancelled due to the pandemic; and June 29 is the 20th anniversary of Diablo II.

Update 5/11/20: IGN is proud to announce that Ubisoft, Blizzard, and more are the latest additions to the Summer of Gaming line-up. We’re also happy to say that Blizzard will be making an appearance during the month, too.” — source

ExileCon 2020: Rhykker interviews David Brevik, Max & Erich Schaefer

Rhykker had the opportunity to interview the founders of Diablo/Diablo II and former Blizzard North members at ExileCon.

It was kinda awkward to see two of them onstage wearing Blizzard Entertainment t-shirts instead of Graybeard Games or Double Damage or Echtra, Inc. ones — the companies they founded separately.

Originally, Diablo was going to be a turn-based video game, but eventualy they built the technology that allowed them to play Diablo the way it turned out. They talked about how Skill Trees were introduced in Diablo, inspired by another video game with tech trees.

They answered questions for over 50 minutes.

Online gamers to pay tax for ingame earnings in Sweden


The Swedish Tax Agency wants every Swedish gamer that earns money from online-gaming to pay tax for the money earned. There are a few games where you can earn money in-game for example Second Life and Diablo 3. The gamer needs to register all earned money from gaming to the tax agency; but this isn’t that easy since the gamer needs to know who the buyer is.

The criteria for the tax is that the seller is from Sweden and that he is a person that can pay taxes. This means that if the gamer is selling items on an online auction house, or something similar; he/she needs to find out who the seller is, and if the seller can pay tax, then report this.

There won’t be that many sellers reporting this income to The Swedish Tax Agency. This law seems pointless to me, would be nice to see a follow up on this from the tax office next year to see if there was actually anyone paying taxes for their earnings.

Source: Read the full standpoint in this matter. (Article in Swedish, use google translate to read it)

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