Diablo III Screenshots 02-01-2010

Blizzard released 10 new Diablo III screenshots featuring the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor and the Monk traveling through the desert and some desert dungeons. We can see a few new mobs. One resembles the naga, and the other ones look like spider-like humanoids.

Some fans will have different opinions, but I gotta say I hope this blood is a placeholder. In screenshots it doesn’t look good. Regardless, it is clear that Diablo III will be a game of complete carnage soaked in blood.

Jace Hall Season 3 Episode 1: Diablo III Team

The Jace Hall Season 3: Espisode 1 hit the airwaves around 3:30pm EST. The Blizzard Entertainment scene started at minute 03:52. Jay Wilson is addressing the Diablo III team and introducing Jace Hall to them. This video was brewed on June 23, 2009.

The camera view shifts to a portion of the chalkboard where we see the words: The epic adventures of Turd, the Barbarian. Another words: Unicorn Count: 65.

I don’t know why in the world Jay Wilson is wearing some kind of Musketeer hat or Pirate hat or bard hat. Maybe it’s part of the joke drill, or the fifth class is a Musketeer … with swashbuckling dual-wielding swords … [cricket].

The Jace Hall Show: Season 3, Episode 1

Jay Wilson proceeds to talk about their agenda. They can talk about the fifth class or about the chat gem. The team all talk at once agreeing on the chat gem.

However, he ends up saying he doesn’t want to talk about the Chat gem. Everyone makes faces, and look pretty bored. Jay says he wants to talk about the fifth class. And thus he asks for suggestions for the fifth class.

Boyarski suggests a … bard.

Everyone agrees with a bard. Suddenly, one of the devs asks: “How do you spell that?”

Jay Wilson shifts his eyes on his direction with a /facepalm expression.

The scene ends at minute 4:30.

The next Blizzard scene starts at 07:35 with Jace Hall saying: It’s an honor to be able to sit here with the Diablo III team and be part of the design situation here. Jay Wilson gets back to topic with the Bard class.

Mark Choy (3D Legel Designer) comes up with an idea about a Guitar Hero-like thing with dancing revolution thing, a mic and a combo system — Man, I don’t even entiendo what this guy is talking about. Anyway, while alllllll this joke is playing, hey — It’s a Jace Hall show after all, who take this guy serious anyway [sorry, Jace, Felicia has been one of my crushes. Go Felicia!] — I can’t but stare at that image in the background behind Jace Hall at 07:43.

It’s an artwork of the Druid, which I guess we should discard as the fifth class, because so far we were told in the past that only the Barbarian class would make a comeback at least on Diablo III. Other previous classes might return in future expansions.

Half-way Jace Hall interrupts and asks Jay if Mark Choy is serious with this bard thing. Jay Wilson snaps back: “Are you arguing with the Blizzard devs? You know more about games than us ….”

Leonard Boyarsky (Lead World Design) starts talking about the Bard. They can sell three peripherals: “You know how much extra money that’s gonna make us?”

This scene ends at 08:20.

You know, Jace Hall. This was total disappoint. You infiltrate the Diablo III offices, and you don’t get us any juicy stuff? I despise you now. You know, I just wish Felicia had used that lightsaber at 08:55 to slice off your [beep].

Ohh, and if I ever, EVAH, watch another Jace Hall episode again — it’s because Felicia is in it. [raspberry]

Sideshow Giveaway Feb 2010: Diablo III Overthrown Diorama

Sideshow Collectibles is running their once a month Carpal Tunnel Tuesday Contest for Gamers. A Sideshow contacted me to alert our Diablo III fans that in just a few hours this contest will close. It will close at 6:00pm Pacific Time.

All you need to do is enter your name, shipping address, and email. One lucky person picked in this giveaway drawing will receive one Diablo III Overthrown Diorama. (Only 22 remaining). Pretty nice prize. So hurry up, and check your time because on my end that’s less than 4 hours from now. If you don’t find the contact information form at the bottom of that page, that means the contest expired.

Limit one entry per person. All winners agree to pay shipping on any prizes granted by Sideshow Collectibles during any contest or giveaway. In order to bring our contests/giveaways to the European Union (EU) community, Sideshow Collectibles is required by law to assess VAT even on FREE items shipped out of our EU warehouses. EU winners will be responsible to pay VAT, on the original retail price and shipping cost of the item, prior to Sideshow shipping the prize. This fee will need to be paid prior to shipment of any prizes.

Diablo III Wizard and Monk Update

Bashiok reported the Wizard has gotten a more streamlined naked look — not naked as in naked, but how she looks like without all the gear items. The female Monk got a new haircut and we will see a screenshot update soon. Last week, the Monk skill trees got a huge overhaul. While we were allowed to smell the hot pie, fans didn’t get to see or taste it. But fret not, it means once the Diablo 3 website gets updated there will be some juicy stuff. Now that I think about it, probably some BlizzCast screenies love.

Blizzard Quote:
Bashiok: There was a big push on armor sets in the milestone before the break, which included a new female wizard unarmored look. Also sometimes referred to as a class’ “naked” look. They’re not actually without clothing, but it’s the look of a character when wearing no pieces of armor. – Diablo Facebook

Bashiok: It wasn’t a total rework or anything, these things rarely are. It was essentially a color shift from red to a sort of muted mustard color (which doesn’t sound great but it looks awesome), and then a texture cleanup removing some elements and just letting the whole thing read a lot better. It looks a lot more like an unarmored look now, in my opinion. Before it was a bit busy and … I think you also sort of have to have a very minimal naked look so that upgrades feel that much more “powerful”. If you don’t notice a visual change on the character with a new piece of armor then it’s kind of like, what’s the point? She had too much going on before. Now she looks like… haha, it kind of looks like she’s about to go to the gym. To kill demons.

Also the female monk got a haircut not terribly long ago. She’s looking good. Much closer match to the concepts now. – Source: Battle.net Forums

Bashiok: The monk skill trees are being fleshed out in high level design concepts and nitty-gritty skill specifics. – Source: Diablo Twitter

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Merry Christmas, Blizzard and Fans!!!

It’s that time of the year when families get together in special times to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. It’s meant to be a time of joy. I wish everyone happy holidays, especially all the people at Blizzard including those I have personally met or interacted with such as Chris Metzen, Mike Morhaime, Paul Sams, Frank Pearce, Ghostcrawler, Jeff Kaplan, Nethaera, Karune, Bashiok, Jay Wilson, J. Allen Brack, Wryxian, Changwoon Jung (who takes care of flight and hotel whenever I go to Blizzcon and to the Blizzard campus — thanks a bunch).

I gotta thank Chris Metzen for many things, he creates fantasy and sci-fi worlds that have entertained and enlightened me over the years not only through the games, but through books, manga and comic books. Chris Metzen got me invited to the fansites’ Starcraft II single player hands-on back on July 17th where I interviewed him. It was great when I was recording video of a Starcraft II panel at Blizzcon, and I heard this voice calling my name. When I turned my face to the side, it was Chris Metzen waving at me. That was absolutely awesome, and I felt a lot of joy within to have someone I am a fanboy of remember me and say hi. His work and his worlds inspire to wish to be better each day. You can learn things from certain stories, that you would not learn normally in real life for lack of living those experiences.

I emailed Chris Metzen a couple of weeks ago simply to apologize for that Sargeras article I wrote a few days ago. I had meant to write about it for a long time — ok, two years late — and used a photo by Gadgetress (OCRegister) of Chris Metzen from the 15th Anniversary of Warcraft celebration held at the Blizzard campus. The Sargeras article brought up the retcon, and possible reasons the creative team had to infuse a new direction to the story, while I was also exploring and parodying the reaction from fans when this retcon took place a couple of years ago.

To make a long story short, in the parody I used this photo of Chris Metzen that looked like those facepalm images, and I added a few parody words concerning the retcon. You know, at that moment it looked fun to use the photo in the context of the article, but I still felt uneasy within. I emailed him to apologize. It’s not my nature to cause stress to people or make them feel bad, or do bad things on purpose. I’m a nice guy, honest and overall a good guy. A bit funny sometimes, which contrast with my shy personality.

Chris Metzen was pretty cool about it, no hard feelings from him for using the photo in that context. However, I want to share that at the time that photo was taken, he had a speech about what all those 15 years at Blizzard creating all these worlds meant to him. It’s easy to say 15 years, but it’s a long time and a large chunk of your life dedicated to writing, inventing, jammin’ ideas within and with other fellow writers. It was a very emotional moment, that I can just grasp and imagine. It was a meaningful moment, that I am really sorry to have parodied.

While there’s a lot of trolls out there who might think otherwise, many people — including me — love the work Chris Metzen, Micky Neilson and the Creative Team have done over the years. We are very proud of you, Chris. Merry Christmas!

Blizzard Definitely Plans to Work on Console Games

The whole internet is ablaze with passionate enthusiasm after J. Allen Brack told Gamasutra there’s definitely a console game within Blizzard’s hands at some point, however it depends on what game makes the most sense to develop for the console — excluding RTS games or multiple-button UI games such as World of Warcraft. Will it be Starcraft: Ghost resurrection or something based on the three main franchises or something entirely new?

Blizzard Quote:
“Think about StarCraft II,” says Brack. “Some real-time strategy games have tried to happen on the console. Some of those have been successful, but overall, our experience is that it’s going to be a better game on the PC, ergo it’s developed on the PC.”

Same with WoW, Brack adds, a game developed for the PC and with a PC-centric control scheme. “But we’re a company of gamers,” he says. “I have two consoles at home. Sam has consoles. We’re a culture of gamers. We will definitely work on a console game at some point. I have no doubt about that. It’s just [a matter of] what game. What makes the most sense?”

GDC 2010: Blizzard Speakers Announced

The Game Developers Conference 2010 will take place at Moscone, San Francisco through March 9-13. Blizzard can be found at the Career Pavillion by Booth 2726. The GDC 2010 kicks off with two Blizzard Entertainment developers joining the speakers roster.

Brian Schwab is Senior AI/Gameplay Engineer II at Blizzard Entertainment. He has worked for Sony, Dreamworks Interactive, Radical Entertainment and The Collective among other studios. He’s credited for Medal of Honor: Underground (2000).

Erin Catto is a Principal Software Engineer and Physics programmer at Blizzard Entertainment. He has worked for Crystal Dynamics and Comergent Technologies as Senior Software Engineer.

The interesting part is they are working on a super-secret project at Blizzard. Could any of this info below offer any hints to extrapolate what this secret project is? Throw in your wild guesses.

Brian Schwab
Senior AI/Gameplay Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

Brian has over 15 years industry experience, including 13 published titles. He has worked seemingly forever on making engaging and fun game experiences by using a MacGyver style combination of anything nearby: be it academic AI techniques, hand rolled state/tree hybrid systems, or multiplying his birthday with the sum of the jump button presses divided by the number of current extra guys. Brian has done work in AI, gameplay, game design, and has even been lead designer on a few titles. He s worked at companies ranging from three person start ups to SCEA. His projects have ranged from edutainment to location based thrill rides to his current gig on a super-secret project at Blizzard. When not cramming fun into a C++ compiler, he has also spent a good deal of time writing. His book AI Game Engine Programming recently released its second edition, and he s also been an AI editor for the Game Programming Gems books.

AI Architecture Mashups: Insights into Intertwined Architectures
Speaker: Steve Rabin (Principal Software Engineer, Nintendo of America), Kevin Dill (Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin), Brian Schwab (Senior AI/Gameplay Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment)

Date/Time: TBD

Experience Level: Intermediate
Summit: AI Summit
Format: 60-minute Lecture

Session Description
AI programmers rarely use a pure architecture such as a State Machine, Planner, or Behavior Tree in isolation. Rather, several symbiotic architectures are mashed together, resulting in an overall architecture that is unique and powerful in its own way. This lecture is designed as a series of three mini-lectures where you will hear about several mashed up AI architectures along with intriguing lessons and insights.

Idea Takeaway
Insight into the pros, cons, and subtleties of combining various AI architectures.

Erin Catto
Principal Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

Erin has been developing physics engines for the past 10 years. He is currently a physics programmer at Blizzard Entertainment. Previously he worked on dynamic simulation of proteins, mechanical simulation software for computer aided design, and modeling and control of flexible robot arms. Earlier in his life he programmed games on his HP48 calculator, including ANT and JOUST. He holds a Ph.D. in theoretical and applied mechanics from Cornell University.


Physics for Programmers
Speaker: Jim Van Verth (Senior Tools and Technology Engineer, Insomniac Games), Takahiro Harada (Senior Software Engineer, Havok), Erwin Coumans (Physics Simulation Team Lead, Sony SCEA US R&D), Marq Singer (Engineer, Red Storm Entertainment, Inc), Erin Catto (Principal Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment), Glenn Fiedler (Online Game Programmer, Sony Santa Monica)

Date/Time: Wednesday (March 10, 2010) 10:00am

Diablo II Patch 1.13 Live on PTR servers

Bashiok dropped the bomb on Diablo fans from all around the world with the sweet news. Diablo II patch 1.13 has hit the Public Test Realms! Hop into the test realm and ride this baby back and forth, submit bugs as you find them, and of course, let us know your feedback after you play it for a while. Oh, I really had to say it … HELL, IT’S ABOUT TIME! — no pun intended.

Blizzard Holiday Dessert Contest 2009

Blizzard has launched a new contest aimed at fans who have leveled up their real life cooking experience. Use your skills to create food shaped like anything from the main Blizzard franchises: popular characters, mobs, buildings, or objects.

What can be better than fresh-baked cookies or cakes? Cookies, cakes, and scrumptious desserts created with care to represent elements of the Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo universes, of course! We’re holding our Blizzard Holiday Dessert contest again and calling out all those talented bakers and pastry chefs to get out their flour, sugar, and rolling pins to create something amazing to tantalize the eye. Find out more on our contest page!


Ten amazing delicious delights will be chosen to win one set of the following books:

Arthas, Night of the Dragon, Beyond the Dark Portal, Tides of Darkness, Rise of the Horde, War of the Ancients Archive, and the Warcraft Archive

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